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Tailor-made projects.
Exceptional spaces,
just as your image.


Do you want to rethink your decoration and your interior design and be accompanied by a professional team?

We will welcome you in our showroom of more than 200m2, we will then discuss with you about your ideas, your desires, the style and the atmosphere that you wish to find in your project. It is very important for us to understand your lifestyle to imagine and design your future interior.

Advice and reflection, methodically, we will try to think of the best for you.


Among our 50,000 product references, we will offer you a wide choice of furniture of all kinds, we will be able to select the pieces that suit you.

In order to better understand our proposals, we have all the tools; tendency boards, samples, 3D visualization and product catalogs.

You will also find pieces of decoration and furniture on display in our showroom to facilitate your projection.


For more than 10 years, we have been working on many construction sites with individuals and professionals in Switzerland.

A 360 accompaniment: from the reflection to the installation, we will take care of everything, we will deliver you a fully successful project, your satisfaction will be our priority.

A result that meets your expectations.

Do you have a project ?

Nos réalisations

Projet : une Villa d'architecte

Localisation : Genève, Suisse. 

Projet : une Villa classée au patrimoine historique

Localisation : Italie

Projet : close up sur un coin de détente

Localisation : Genève, Suisse. 

Projet : une maison familiale qui s'offre un nouveau visage

Localisation : Genève, Suisse. 

Projet : dans  un quartier de Lausanne, une superbe Villa

Localisation : Lausanne, Suisse. 

Projet : empreinte d'un Design Italien

Localisation : Genève, Suisse. 

Projet : contemplation du minimalisme

Localisation : Genève, Suisse. 

Projet : empreinte de douceur

Localisation : Genève, Suisse. 

Projet :  le Design boisé

Localisation : Cologny, Suisse. 

Projet :  Sérénité et légèreté 

Localisation : Lausanne, Suisse

Projet :  Une oasis végétale pour la terrasse d'un restaurant 

Localisation : Suisse

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